Hip Hop Abs

hip hop abs

As I previewed the DVDs that make up the workout program Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T. (of Insanity fame), I thought about how I was going to look doing these moves.

And I laughed…and laughed…

My husband and I, two white people approaching middle age, were not going to look so good doing this, not good at all.  Actually, we’d probably look ridiculous.  So, why did I end up getting this program?  Well, because it was on super sale this month (March 2013), and I figured I might as well give it a go.  It probably wouldn’t become one of my primary workouts, but I figured that I could slip it in on days when I was short on time, given that most of the workouts are about 30 minutes long.

So, I drew the blinds, so no one could see me from the street.  I was worried that there would be 911 calls otherwise, complete with visits from concerned paramedics that had heard about some poor woman having a bizarre sort of seizure.  Or at least, they were all going to laugh at me…

In the end, though, I got a good workout.  As ridiculous as I looked, with my lack of rhythm and my two left feet, I broke a sweat, got my heart rate up, and felt like my abs were definitely being worked.  That’s what I get for stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something different.

Give a try, if you want to workout, and have fun while doing it.  Sure, maybe you have to shut the blinds and draw the curtains to avoid the ambulance and police from showing up at your house.  But you will get results if you do it.

And to increase, and speed up your results, and get the best bang for your buck, why not take advantage of the free shipping that comes with a Hip Hop Abs Challenge pack?  You can also get free support in my challenge groups, where I, and others, give help, support, encouragement, and accountability to achieve your goals!

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